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The story so far

Follow the story of Zip, a newly-built, curious little robot and his first foray into the world.  This story teaches children about the importance of looking after their health through posture, activity, proper diet and rest. 

These lessons are for parents and children alike, but ideal for ages 3-7.

The book is available now on Amazon and at any Envision Physiotherapy location

The impetus for this book

As a physical therapist over the past twenty years, I have treated a variety of clients of all ages and abilities. Every individual comes with a unique presentation, with many different factors affecting their condition. To have the greatest impact on their rehabilitation, treatment becomes very specific and focused for each individual.

At the same time, I find myself continually educating many clients on some of the same basic principles for physical health. Principles that, if committed to, could very positively affect their physical health. Some of the most common principles are:

  • Maintain a proper diet
  • Adopt healthy postures
  • Move well and regularly
  • Rest well

There is a large, ever-growing body of evidence showing us that attention to these principles can improve our physical and mental health. Yet, many of us are more swayed by the latest compelling speaker, new exercise trend, or newly marketed “super” food. We need a strong foundation in the knowledge we have collectively gained, while accepting that there is far more out there waiting to be discovered and understood. We can learn from our own life experiences as well as further research.

So, why did I create this book? I wanted to help teach young people about these principals early on so that their middle-aged and older selves don’t struggle with poor physical health. . . .it’s also fun to draw robots.

— Harminder (Harry) Toor 

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